Casual roguelike with great D&D influence. The player will acquire weapons and skills while discovering the dungeon. Battles are represented in a card format with turns and the core mechanic depends on die rolls (based on D&D rules).

Made for the Global Game Jam 2019


Programming - Joaquin Volonte

Programming  / Writing- Rodrigo Rearden

Art - Nicolas de Leon

Art - Enzo Antonaz

Production / Game Design  / Writing - Bruno Arce

Music - Nacho Fernandez


Behoarder 29 MB
Behoarder 30 MB
Behoarder v1.1.apk 38 MB


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I liked how you showed the monster card with its health and armor class as well as how the picture of your player changed as you took more damage. I found it frustrating starting the dungeon and immediately running into the beholder. Though I understand you where making the game true to d&d meaning it’s not always gonna start with low level monsters. It would have been nice to see the damage die for each weapon and spell and I would have liked it better with strength started at 0 instead of -1. Overall I really enjoyed your game.

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Glitchiest game ever. Any time i got an item, the thing spazzed out, flinging everywhere.

Edit: now literally everything just spazzes out when i touch it.


if you wanna check my game :)


Nice little boardgame like dungeon crawler (We need more of thoose)!
Excellent art!


nice game.  could add in item details. had no idea how much the potion would heal Ol' Duncan, or even what type of potion it was.   details on weapons and spells would also be sweet.  

thanks again for the fun. 

Please remove being able to have negative's making my runs impossible.....

Not a bad game but very irritating because RNG HATES me. Maybe also limit owl bears to when you have some equipment.

I agree, an early owl bear or few bad rolls can kill the fun... but it's an enjoyable little game :)


Fun game, interesting card fighting progression game. 

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I would love classes (if possible).And to be able to take weapons from killed foes.


Really fun game! As someone that plays dnd, I loved how like my games it is (missing constantly lol)! I would absolutely love some added elements added like a town outside the farm where you can spend money you earn while killing enemies to spend on weapons, spells, potions, and train stats so you can get further per run, cause it kinda felt like I was only making it so far per run. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Hey! Glad to hear from you again!

First of all, thanks for the video :)

I agree, we need something to make next runs more fun, and as you said a shop with some kind of currency you earn on the dungeon could do it, we will explore that possibility!

Also since I saw you talking about it on the video, your natural 20 does count as critical, we just forgot to add some visual feedback for it! And for your damage rolls, they are rolled depending on the weapon you've equipped (for example, the rapier you did so well with is 1d10). We didn't want to fill the screen with rolls and try to keep the combat fast and simple. I can understand the confusion though, we might have to think some way to better communicate the damage rolls.

Thanks for the feedback!


Fun game!